Institutional payments can now be made from e-Government

While there is no need to go to PTT workplaces for various institution payments made through PTT AŞ, beneficiaries can receive natural gas and electricity consumption supplements and social assistance payments via e-Government.

According to the statement made by the PTT, the company, which provides services to its customers in the country and abroad under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, in the fields of banking, mail and cargo, improves its activities day by day and carries its services to the digital environment. In this way, it is ensured that the density in the workplaces is reduced and customers save time.

With the services provided by PTT AŞ through the e-Government platform, beneficiaries can inquire about the corporate payments deposited in their names, transfer them to the account or perform the bill payment processes with incoming assistance.

In addition, querying and transferring corporate payments made through PTT AŞ, electricity and natural gas consumption supplements, bill payment and subscriber contract number update processes can be done online.

How are the transactions done?

Payments made on behalf of beneficiaries can be made via EFT to PTT accounts or other bank accounts through the “Inquiry and Account Transfer of Institutional Payments Made via PTT” service in the e-Government system. When making EFT with the “Transfer to My Account” service, the name of the right holder and the name of the IBAN number to be EFT must match. In case of an EFT process that is not received during the day due to account-name mismatch, and the EFT process is returned, the benefit amount of the beneficiary is displayed on the screen in a way that EFT can be made again.

Electricity consumption basis payments can be made via e-Government by searching for “Bill Payment with Electricity Assistance”. Beneficiaries can view the amount of aid and pay their residential bills. In the payment screen directed by the “Pay Bill” button in the service, the debts related to the subscriber can be displayed by selecting the institution to which the invoice to be paid is related and entering the “Subscriber Number” information.

The difference is displayed on the screen

In electricity consumption supplement payments, if the aid price is higher than the invoice price, it is deducted from the aid and when the “Make Payment” button is pressed, the payment process is completed without a card. If the amount of aid does not cover the entire amount of the bill, the difference in the bill remaining from the aid price and which must be paid by the customer can be displayed on the screen and can be paid with a credit card or debit card. While the processes are reflected on the screen one day later, the payment cannot be canceled later.

While beneficiaries can benefit from the electricity consumption basis once a month, the assistance can only be used in residential type tariffs. In addition, the rule that the invoice must be in the name of the beneficiary is not sought.

The same processes can be carried out for “invoice payments on the basis of natural gas consumption”.