iOS 16.2 bugs annoyed iPhone users!

The iOS 16.2 update released by Apple for iPhones brought many errors! Here are the details…

Apple released the iOS 16.2 update for iPhone devices on December 13. This update, which offers many innovations, also brought errors. On the social media platform Reddit, many iPhone users shared about the errors that came with the iOS 16.2 update. So, what errors does the iOS 16.2 update give? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

iOS 16.2 release critical error for many apps!

According to the content shared by iPhone users on Reddit, the iOS 16.2 update brought many errors. The first of these errors was that the battery quickly ran out on all devices that received the update. The fast draining of the charge for iPhones has been the subject of complaints on social media by many Apple customers.

Among the errors that came with the iOS 16.2 update is the freezing of the camera. iPhone users who enter the camera application cannot benefit from the application when they want to take snapshots. In addition to these, the keyboard opening late or freezing when opening on smartphones is also included in the iOS 16.2 update.

Apart from all these, there are some similar problems with Apple Music, HomeKit and Focus Modes among Reddit posts for the iOS 16.2 update. The iOS 16.2 update can be upgraded on all phones introduced later, including the iPhone 8. For this reason, it is estimated that the errors are update-oriented rather than model-based.

On the other hand, the latest iOS 16.3 Beta 2 update has been released. However, it is also expected that Apple will give it a while and present the iOS 16.3 update after releasing the iOS 16.2.

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