iPhone users beware: Apple has stopped signing this version

Technology giant Apple, as always, stopped signing for iOS 16.2 after the new update! Here are the details…

Apple released the iOS 16.3 update to iPhone users on January 23. With the iOS 16.3 update, many new features and additional improvements came to iPhone models. So much so that technology giant Apple also stops signing the old iOS 16.2 version for some security and other reasons.

iPhone users will no longer be able to upgrade to iOS 16.2

The tech giant stops signing old versions due to some security and bugs in the previous update. Apple stopped signing the iOS 16.2 update with the release of iOS 16.3 again. In other words, an iPhone user who has upgraded to iOS 16.3 will no longer be able to return to the iOS 16.2 update.

Apple also continues this practice to encourage its customers to upgrade to new versions. This has happened many times in previous versions as well. Apple’s current iOS 16 updates only have version 16.3 available. For this reason, Apple customers who want to continue using the iOS 16.2 update should not update.

On the other hand, Apple is expected to release the Beta version of the new iOS 16.4 update soon. In this update, the architectural upgrade is expected to come again for the Home application, which the company added but came with an error. Apple also announced that this upgrade, which it removed, would come again after the error was revised.

In the iOS 16.3 update, many innovations such as Security Keys for iPhones, Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, and second-generation HomePod support came. To update iPhones, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Software update
  • Download and Install

Before updating, it is necessary to make sure that the smartphone is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the device will fail to update.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? What are your expectations for the iOS 16.4 update? You can express your views in the Comments section.