Ipsos: 80 out of 100 individuals think prices will rise more than their income

A study conducted by Ipsos in December 2022 revealed that 71 percent of the participants in Turkey were not satisfied with the current situation of the country, while they were not very hopeful in 2023. 80 percent of the associates in the country…

According to the Ipsos Prospects Report, which was held in November 2022 with 20,044 participants in 29 countries around the world, the rate of those who think that 2022 will be a terrible year for their country is 73 percent, while this number is the highest in 2020 with 90 percent. had tested the level.

83% of the participants in Turkey stated that they agreed with the statement “2022 was a bad year for my country”. While Turkey is the 7th country with the highest number of people who approve of this statement; Hungary and England shared the first place with 87 percent. Only 44 percent of participants in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates describe 2022 as a bad year for their country.

The rate of those who say “I am optimistic that 2023 will be a better year than 2022” in the middle of the survey is 65%. For 2023, the most pessimistic country is Japan with a rate of 36 percent, while this rate is 54 percent in Turkey.

71 percent of the respondents who participated in the survey in December 2022, to the question about whether they are happy with Turkey’s current situation, answered “I am not satisfied”. In the same period of 2021, the answer to this question was “I am not satisfied” at the same rate, although the rate of those who said “I am satisfied” decreased by 3 percent to 7 percent, while the rate of those who abstained increased.

“When you think about it in general, how do you think the situation of Turkey in the near future (in the next few months) will be?” While 57 percent answered the question “worse”, the rate of participants who think that Turkey’s most valuable problem is economics is 86 percent.

62 percent of the participants in Turkey are not happy with the standard of living and 51 of them think that the situation of the Turkish economy will be worse in the next few months. On the other hand, “How do you think your personal economic situation will be? “When asked, the rate of those who think that it will be worse in a few months drops to 48 percent.

While 79 percent of the participants in the world respond to the expression “prices in my country will increase more than the income of individuals” in the form of “agree”, this rate is 80 percent for Turkey. The rate of those who say “Inflation in my country will be higher than in 2023” is 75 percent in the world and 79 percent in Turkey.