Iran and Russia discuss joint investment issues

Iran and Russia discussed power, oil and gas exchange, agriculture, banking, grain trade, joint investment and customs issues.

According to the Iranian official agency IRNA, the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammed Bakir Kalibaf came to a meeting with Vyacheslav Volodin, State Duma Leader of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, who made an official visit to the capital Tehran, and his delegation.

In his speech at the joint press conference held after the meeting, Kalibaf touched upon the relations between Tehran and Moscow and noted that there is sufficient cooperation between Iran and Russia in regional and international bets.

Pointing out that they have close links with Russia in economic, social, cultural, political and environmental fields, Kalibaf stated that it is necessary to make maximum use of the opportunities in the middle of the two countries.

Emphasizing that the talks created opportunities for communication between the two countries, but there are also threats against these interests, Kalibaf said, “The most important threat today is the brutal sanctions imposed by the USA on the Russian Federation, Iran and some other countries.”

Emphasis on collaboration

Pointing out that the presidents and officials of the two countries should be in greater harmony and cooperation, Kalibaf drew attention to the value of taking strategic measures to deepen the relations.

During the meeting with the Russian delegation, the Iranian Parliament Speaker discussed issues on joint investment and customs in establishing the relationship between Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf and Rasht ports in the Caspian Sea in the development of power, oil, gas exchange, agriculture, grain trade, north-south transportation corridor. reported that it was received.

Noting that the development of banking, cash cooperation and trade with the local currency unit was also discussed in the middle of the two countries, Kalibaf added that the opening of branches by Russian and Iranian banks could contribute to the increase in banking processes.

“Sanctions bring the two countries closer”

Russian State Duma Leader Vyacheslav Volodin stated that the relations between Iran and Russia have entered a new phase and expressed his hope that they will develop further in every field.

The Russian official said that “US sanctions against Russia and Iran will only bring Iran and Russia closer.”