Is a stress-free life possible?


It is not possible to live a stress-free life in today’s world. It is the existence of things in our lives that will create constant tension. Sometimes it is very difficult to control the events that happen to us without our control. Tension is a phenomenon that will continue with us for quite a while we have.

No matter how much we talk about tension, more than one time it is not clear what tension really is. Many human tensions are experienced by an event, injury, life difficulties, separation, divorce, job loss, etc. as they can receive.
We can think of tension as a reactive image in our body, mind, and behavior. Events such as heart palpitations, our worries and concerns, nail biting, and aggression are time-related, reactive responses we give. All these are valuable factors. However, opinions about the situations we are in are critical factors.
When something happens to us, it is our mental mechanisms that will decide whether the automatically occurring events threaten us, how we should deal with the situation, and what skills we will have.
We cannot say that the phenomenon of tension is caused by negative events that happen to us all the time. Not all situations labeled as “stressful” are negative. The birth of a child, promotion at work, or moving to a new residence may not be perceived as threatening. However, we may feel “stressed” because of these situations because we do not feel fully prepared.

Many people see tension as a negative concept. However, tension can encourage us to do our best. For example, sportsmen often break world records under the tension and pressure of the Olympics. Moderate tension helps motivate us to write a handout or prepare for an exam, and in this case, tension is positive and necessary. Therefore, a measure of tension is definitely desired, but too much is wasted.
Today’s demands and pressures ensure that all people experience tension. Tension is a by-product of life. The daring part of this photo is that we can learn how to control or manage “over” voltage. In fact, belief in our ability to deal with tension often serves to reduce tension levels.
How can we deal with tension in a healthy way?
Tension serves a valuable purpose; It allows us to respond quickly to threats and avoid dangers. However, prolonged exposure to stress can lead to mental health problems (for example, fear and depression) or increased physical well-being. Numerous studies suggest that increased stress levels affect the ability to cope with physical illness.

While we cannot avoid all the tension, the skill of working to deal with it in healthy ways that increase the potential for beautification has gained value. In order to keep our health at an optimal level, eating and drinking, physical activities, etc., which relieve tension. It will make people feel beautiful.
It is a valuable need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to increase resistance to tension by strengthening physical health. Physical activity plays a valuable role in preventing and reducing the effects of tension.

exp. Child Development/Psychology Science Specialist.
Jasmine TAS