Is PlayStation VR2, whose sales expectations are lowered, a disappointment for Sony?

Sony started to experience its first big disappointment with the PlayStation VR2 title, which it introduced with a great argument.

Sony officially revealed all the details about the upcoming PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) title, including its features and availability information, in November last year. However, it was a disappointment for many to learn that the new hardware will sell for $549, which is even higher than a PlayStation 5.

Apparently, this disappointment was reflected in the pre-order numbers as well, causing Sony to significantly lower its first sales assumptions.

Sources close to the subject have confirmed that the PS VR2 title’s distribution claim states that it has been downloaded to roughly one million units . Although this number seems to be very high, Sony initially expected represents a significant reduction compared to two million units.

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It is also alleged that Sony has informed a supply chain partner that it expects lower orders for PS VR2 display panels. In fact, 1.5 million units are expected to be shipped between April 2023 and mid-March 2024 alone.However, these numbers may vary slightly depending on the reaction from the consumer market.

VR technology hasn’t gone mainstream now, and the high costs and snags make it hard to go mainstream. To the VR headset market Meta dominates with Quest 2 currently holding 85% market share . It looks like Sony will not directly challenge its established rivals, given the PS VR2’s price and being exclusive to PlayStation 5.

We’ll be able to see more clearly how the title will compete when it launches on February 22.