Is PUBG Mobile banned? Chinese government buys Tencent

The Chinese government will become a partner in Tencent Holdings. Games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile may be banned in Western countries.

One of the world’s largest gaming companies Tencent Holdings It could be an interesting investment. It is reported that the Chinese government wants to become a partner by purchasing a certain part of the Tencent company. This investment is owned by Tencent. PUBG Mobileand Call of Duty: Mobilemay lead to the banning of games such as games in Western countries.

Chinese government to become a partner in Tencent Holdings

It has been claimed that the Chinese government will buy a stake in Tencent, one of the country’s largest technology firms. of the Asian country, from the company “ golden shareIt was reported that he wanted to have a say in the board of directors by buying a gold share.

According to the news in the Financial Times, these shares will give the country’s regulator the ability to vote on important business decisions. Even though gold stocks make up only one percent of a company, being “gold” will allow the Chinese government to have a say in many issues.

This move by the Chinese government is seen as part of efforts to increase oversight of tech giants operating within the country. The purchase of Tencent gold shares is thought to affect its partners and the games it holds.

It is thought that the involvement of the Chinese government in Tencent will not be welcome in Western countries. Therefore, Tencent, the distributor of popular games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, may have to transfer these productions to a different company.