Jail Prompt in Crypto Exchange Bitrota Investigation!

In the investigation against Kayseri-based crypto exchange Bitrota, the suspects were asked to be imprisoned for up to 10,640 years.

Kayseri-based crypto exchange Bitrotain the investigation, prison sentence of up to 10,640 years for the suspects was requested.

Cryptocurrencies, which are becoming increasingly widespread and adopted, also increase fraud and financial losses. Especially recently, millions of people have suffered. FTX, thodex, bitcoin Cryptocurrency exchanges like these came to the fore on the grounds that they defrauded their users. Finally, it is stated that it was founded in Kayseri. In the investigation against Bitrota, imprisonment of up to 10,640 years was requested for ten suspects.

Crypto Exchange Bitrota Investigation Completed

According to the news of NTV, the cryptocurrency exchange bitrotaThe investigation against ten suspects, one of whom is alleged to have defrauded investors, has been completed.

Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Officein the indictment prepared by; Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital wallet, and the legal status of Bitcoininformation on the crypto industry.

In the indictmentCryptocurrency exchange of suspects bitrotato investors through Telegramsent misleading messages over It was stated that it created a victimization of 54 million liras.

of Bitrotain the indictment that its founders and employees defrauded customers, An investigation was initiated in line with Cimer applications and MASAK reports.In the investigation, about the suspects The following charges were included;

  • “Fraud using information systems, banks or credit institutions as tools.”
  • “Fraud within the scope of the activity of the company director and the company.”
  • “Laundering of property values”

It was stated that the stock exchange, which is the subject of the indictment, was established on 16 July 2018 in Kayseri.