JPMorgan CEO Makes a Ponzi Analogy for Bitcoin!

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in a conference speech that Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized pyramid scheme.

JPMorganCEO Jamie Dimon, in a conference talk that Bitcoin ( BTC) said it was a decentralized pyramid scheme.

In these days when cryptocurrencies are on the rise, striking statements have started to come from the actors of the market. The increase in Bitcoin trading has instilled hope that the bear market may be over. In the midst of these processes, however, striking statements came from the CEO of JPMorgan. The company’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, argued that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. The CEO, who made the Ponzi analogy, also made the definition of fraud for Bitcoin in 2017.

JPMorgan CEO Continues Anti-Bitcoin

american investment bank JPMorgan‘s CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin ( BTC ), he continues his negative rhetoric. Speaking at the Annual Health Conference DimonHe stated that Bitcoin cannot replace real money.

Dimon claims that cryptocurrencies are used more in illegal activities. However CEODespite this attitude of JPMorgan, blockchain accelerated his efforts. The company spends a lot of time in order to use this technology more efficiently.

Regularly FUDemitting Dimondespite, JPMorgan company’s blockchain initiatives are met with great interest. In past years Dimonhas said that it will lay off its employees dealing with cryptocurrencies.