KGF package evaluation from BRSA and MUSIAD

BRSA Leader Mehmet Ali Akben, ITO Leader Şekib Avdagiç and MUSIAD Leader Mahmut Asmalı evaluated the KGF package, which includes EYT, construction and education, to Bloomberg HT, announced by Minister Nebati.

MUSIAD Leader Mahmut Asmalı and BRSA Leader Mehmet Ali Akben evaluated the new KGF package to Bloomberg HT.

Asmalı said, “This is a package we have been waiting for for a long time. When the December inflation dropped more than expected, the mainstay package, which had been worked on for a long time, was announced. It’s a comprehensive package that quickly touches all the branches.”

“It will be the lifeblood of the business world”

Pointing out that it is a very detailed package that provides support in many different areas such as foreign exchange earning activities, female entrepreneurs, digital transformation companies, and technology companies, Asmalı said, “It is also very valuable to allocate 1 billion dollars to companies that promote regional development. Because it’s a package that supports every cluster. It was stated that anyone who fulfills the conditions of this package can benefit from several packages. When we asked what would happen if this package ran out, we got the answer, ‘This is the first package, we can announce a few more packages’. Our factories are now operating at full capacity. Therefore, new investments and new foundations are needed to increase exports even more. Because of this, this supplement will come to the business world as a lifeline.”

BRSA Leader Mehmet Ali Akben stated that every year a new resource is allocated to the system with the guarantee system, which is quite a requirement, “The transfer of the loan to the desired channels, the cheap TL loan should act in a way that will contribute to investment, employment, exports and current account surplus. This package also makes a valuable contribution in this sense. I hope it will be good for the whole business world and the economy,” he said.

Regarding the effect of packages and regulations on the profitability of the banking department, Akben said, “The banking branch has completed 2022 very adequately. Both the capital adequacy ratio and the non-performing loan ratios have closed in a very smooth position compared to the European averages. It has also closed its profitability at a good point. Thanks to loans, we see it in employment and exports. There are two records. With the Turkey Model, we see strong numbers in both employment, export and investment. Inflation has also turned its side down for a few months, I hope 2023 will be the year of Turkey when we achieve that as well.”

ITO Leader Şekib Avdagiç stated that this is a package that the business world has been waiting for a long time and said, “The way to access credit in 14 different items has been opened for SMEs that have difficulties in accessing credit. I hope that if there are some items that run out quickly in the coming months, supporting those items will make this work even more effective. “Additional resources may be required for the EYT item. We see that there is a very comprehensive loan package that meets the need and can get quick results,” he said.