Koç Holding’s forest fire project exemplified in Davos

The FireAId project, led by Koç Holding, with the aim of dealing with forest fires, the incidence and severity of which increased due to the climate crisis, was shown as an exemplary practice at Davos Peak. Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu said, “Our country’s…

FireAId, an artificial intelligence-based project developed by KoçDigital, one of the Koç Group companies, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and led to be shared within the World Economic Forum (WEF), on forest fires, the incidence and severity of which increased on a global scale with the climate crisis, is a special issue published within the scope of Tepe. was cited in the report as an exemplary practice for the whole world.

A foreword by Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu was included in the detailed project report titled “The Next Frontier in Fighting Wildfires: FireAId Pilot and Scaling”.

The report also included the statements of Bekir Karacabey, General Director of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

“The project is not commercial”

On the other hand, Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu also attended the special panel about the project moderated by WEF Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform Leader Kay Firth Butterfield as part of Davos.

Explaining that FireAId not only creates a dynamic fire risk map, but also provides the opportunity to respond to fire quickly, Levent Çakıroğlu said, “The model, which uses more than 400 variables from a total of 14 different data sets, helps public institutions to make more accurate decisions based on information in fire effort, while providing valuable It will also save time. The successful results we achieved with the pilot project last year encouraged us to develop our model with more stakeholders and to implement it in different geographies of the world. We are proud for our country and our community that FireAId was shown as an exemplary application to the world by the WEF. We will continue to evaluate and share their talents for the smoothness of our world.”

“We are ready to share”

Levent Çakıroğlu, who said that they want to work with all relevant stakeholders, international organizations and especially countries with a high risk of forest fires for the further development of the project, stated that they are ready to share the algorithm and source codes used for further smoothing in the project in cooperation, without expecting anything in return.

Underlining that FireAId is not a commercial project, Levent Çakıroğlu said, “We have started our work to expand our pilot application, which covers an area of ​​44 thousand square kilometers in the Southern Aegean and Western Mediterranean regions of our country, to all regions of Turkey, with the opinions of our General Directorate of Forestry. We are ready to work with providers and pilot implementation partners. We believe that if we can bring the technology skills of the private sector, the experience of the public sector and the knowledge of the academy in a coordinated manner on the focus of common interest, if we can expand international cooperation, we can find long-term and permanent solutions to all problems that require global harmony in the analysis.” he said.