Konya City Hospital is Awash with Mobbing Theses!

The first place on the health agenda is the mobbing theses that occurred in Konya City Hospital. In the emergency department of the hospital, a doctor told the nurses and

The first place on the health agenda is the mobbing arguments that took place in Konya City Hospital. The claims of a doctor about mobbing nurses and other health workers in the emergency room of the hospital are echoed in the social media. While HEP-SEN Headquarters requested an investigation into the hospital regarding the issue, 32 lawsuits were filed in the last 1 year regarding mobbing in Konya City Hospital. Speaking to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency, General Leader Yunus Şimşek said, “The person responsible for this job is Konya Provincial Health Director Mehmet Koç.”

Konya City Hospital Investigated Mobbing Arguments BSHA

The Nurses and All Health Professionals Union (HEP-SEN) Headquarters requested an investigation to the chief physician of the hospital regarding the mobbing arguments in Konya City Hospital. In the petition of the investigation, it was stated that “A doctor in the emergency service of your institution insulted the emergency service personnel, especially the nurses, in the working environment, exhibited behaviors contrary to the work ethics, requested the replacement of some nurses who reacted to this situation and insults, and that the places of the mentioned workers were based on this request. There have been some news recently on social media and health portals that it has been changed. These arguments have also been reported to our union’s Liaison and Compliance Center many times. It is requested from your administration to initiate an administrative investigation about the workers and all integrated incidents about which some arguments are made by showing the necessary sensitivity towards the theses that are the subject of the word, to observe the personal rights of the nurses who have been relocated, to observe their personal rights and to relieve their grievances, and to inform our headquarters about this whole process. .

Yunus Şimşek, the General Leader of HEP-SEN, said that they opened 32 lawsuits about the events in Konya City Hospital.

HEP-SEN Leader Holds Konya Provincial Health Director Koç Responsible for Incidents at Konya City Hospital

Yunus Şimşek, General Leader of HEP-SEN, made a statement to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency regarding the issue they requested an investigation. Stating that HEP-SEN Headquarters has filed 32 lawsuits in the last 1 year regarding the events in Konya, Şimşek said, “Provincial Health Director Mehmet Koç is responsible for these incidents in the health field in Konya. In every lawsuit filed or in any unlawful practice made in institutions; especially mobbing, mental violence, harassment are available. In the last week, 500 complaints about Konya have been received from institutions to our HEP-SEN complaint limit. We are making error announcements to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. But we are not getting results. In summary, the problems in the field are not reflected in the ministry unless they have a say in the Ministry’s Central Organization for nurses and all health professionals. But nothing in the area is not a milk port. In fact, Konya is the biggest example of these.”

Contracted Health Management System Criticism

Stating that the main problem in health services in the health community is administrative, Şimşek said, “This situation is also reflected in scientific studies. In a recent study, it is stated that there is 88% of mental violence. While trying to provide health services, we are also exposed to psychological violence. This violence is both internal and external. The violence we are exposed to from inside by unqualified managers, and the violence we are exposed to from outside by patients and their relatives. The violence inside is as much as the violence outside, or even more. There is no indication of how managers are selected in university hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health and YÖK in Turkey. How they got there is unclear. Politically appointed rulers. These problems are experienced due to the Contracted Health Management System.

“Theology Graduates Lead in Healthcare”

HEP-SEN General Leader Şimşek, who said that none of the chief physicians and directors in hospitals came by merit, drew attention to the increasing problems with the understanding of the lawless management.

Şimşek, who said that during the field controls they carried out in the provinces, for example, in Van Province, they saw that an imam was on the mission of the administrative financial services directorate, and continued as follows: “We learn that a geography teacher is a principal in another place. If such tragicomic events occur, we can neither prevent violence in health nor provide quality service to the society. First of all, we must protect our own health so that we can provide health services to the society.”

“We Provided 11,400 Türel Consulting with 6 Lawyers in 1 Year”

Pointing out that the applications coming to the limit of HEP-SEN complaints are increasing day by day, Şimşek said, “Just in the last 1 year, we have provided 11,400 legal consultations with 6 of our lawyers. And the average number of applications that come to our complaint limit in one day is 98. How can we provide a healthy health service in such a community? In our offer of analysis, we first demand that merit be provided at all levels of health. We cannot prevent these events unless the most successful and qualified people are tested, unless they are managers, who understand the science of administration and who have received an academic education in this business,” he said.

“A Nurse Can’t Be a Deputy Minister, But She Can Be a Civil Engineer”

HEP-SEN General Leader Şimşek pointed out that there are 39 branches in health and that nursing is only one of them, and said: “You see, a single profession-centered ministry is a matter of speech. Doctors are the decision maker, but health is a team job. And every profession should have the right of speech to determine its own destiny. While 255 thousand nurses are working at the forefront of health services today, not a single nurse, deputy minister, undersecretary, or department leader is given the authority to represent in the central organization of the ministry. However, we have a Deputy Minister of Health, Civil Engineer and a graduate of the Faculty of Theology. In this regard, legislation is required. The foundation of this was laid with the contracted health management system.” (BSHA-Science and Health News Agency)