Land Registry Clearing e-Government integration realized

Integration of Takasbank’s Land Registry and Clearing System with e-Government was implemented. The system, which has been in use since 2015 but has “more narrow access”, has the chance to appeal to 62 million users after its integration with e-Government.

Explaining that Takasbank is known as the institution that makes securities and money transfers in the processes carried out in Borsa Istanbul, Sungurlu stated that the institution has an important technological infrastructure and has experience in the financial field.

Avşar Sungurlu, “This is for the public benefit, ‘What kind of services can we provide to our citizens?’ “The Land Registry Clearing System is one of them. It has actually been in effect since 2015. Studies were carried out and put into use within the framework of the protocol signed with the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. But who normally uses them? Those who are more familiar with Takasbank services use it. Because of that. “It had a narrower reach. Now, after it is taken over e-Government, it will have the chance to appeal to 62 million users in e-Government. It will enable a much wider, widespread audience, our citizens,” he said.

Money is returned to the buyer’s account when the transaction fails

Reminding that fraud or other issues may occur from time to time during the purchase and sale of a house, Sungurlu said:

“We hear about ‘Defrauded’ in the news, forgery incidents, etc. Naturally, this is a system that prevents it. Because how does the system work? The seller enters the seller’s sale and the buyer’s purchase through e-Government. The buyer sends the money not to the seller, but to Takasbank. Takasbank has an online, real-time integration with the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Because of this, Takasbank sees whether the registration process has taken place. As soon as it sees, it transfers the money to the seller’s account. Because of this, it has both the advantage of belief and an important convenience advantage. For example, the process did not take place somehow It is canceled, then the money is automatically returned to the buyer’s account. It also has such an advantage. Apart from that, it is a great convenience to be on e-Government, no registration, membership etc. is required. It also does not matter which bank you have accounts in. . The buyer and the seller may have accounts in different banks. They can use them.”

Takasbank General Manager Avşar Sungurlu said, “We get a price of 70 liras on a process basis here. This is a symbolic price, if you consider the size of real estate. This is a number that was set in 2015. There has been no random update for 7 years. We do not intend to make it at this stage. We want our citizens to both have access to this system and use it quickly, so it doesn’t cost much,” he said.

Stating that the system has not been widely used until now, however, in 2022, 111 real estate purchase and sale processes with a balance of 1.1 billion TL were mediated in the system, Sungurlu said, “These are very small numbers considering the real estate processes in our usual country, but on e-Government. We think that these numbers will increase and reach much larger numbers after the integration of them,” he concluded by saying.