A condition that many people experience but are not aware of is languishing.

It is a problem that has penetrated into the souls of all of us during the pandemic process.

Before the pandemic, our life, which we did not think about and questioned, had a purpose, but after the pandemic, we lost this goal and this meaning. At the beginning of the pandemic process, we all expected that the pandemic would end in a very short time, but when we said 3 months and 5 months, it was years. Many people started working from home, children continued their lessons online. Our life has come to the point of being turned upside down. And still, even at the point we have come to, we cannot even say that the pandemic will enter its 3rd and 4th year and it is over.

There are still many points that make us uneasy. Human psychology, exposed to so much uncertainty, suddenly became destabilized. Some have turned this process into depression. We went through a period of significant pessimism and worthlessness. Some of them were traumatized by the virus, illness, loss, while in some people the fear disorder increased the obsessions in some people. These are actually the spiritual results that are in front of our eyes, but there is also a situation that was a common situation until that day, and when we had to go out of the usual system, we started to sit down and think. When we got out of the brisk life and got stuck in the houses, we thought and said, what am I going to do now?

At this point, the term we call languishing emerged. We refer to the situation that many people experience but cannot name.

Not to mention depression, it’s not like any other random mental illness. Basically, we observe a situation such as boredom, loss of enthusiasm, lack of excitement and curiosity.

If a person is exposed to this situation, which we call languishing, for a long time, he is at risk for depression in his later years. That’s why before it gets to this point, we need to explore the situation and reset our minds a little here.

What are the symptoms?

1. If we are stuck in a mood that is not too high and not too low. That is, if we live somewhere in the middle, neither pleasant nor unhappy, at the zero point ebb and flow.

2. What you used to enjoy doing is two steps away, but you feel incredibly unmotivated to achieve it.

3. There is anger in him, there is restlessness, but if it is not at a level that will ruin your life and spoil your life.

4. If you find it difficult to focus on the tasks you need to do.

5. If you feel alienated from life and people.

6. If there is a feeling of emptiness about the purpose of life

You may be living in languishig too.

Languishing is a statement in this process, in fact, to question the events we have experienced again, to say that you need to think about something, to come back to life and start again.

It would be valuable to revisit past experiences and act.

When a person thinks too much, everything starts to seem meaningless. This is actually called the illusion of proximity. When you bring your eyes close to a random object in your hand, it starts to seem meaningless to you and you cannot recognize it. When you start to think too much about a subject like this in life, I start to think about why I am doing this. This pulls us down from where we are. The thing that will fit the human being is action.