Law proposal, including civil servants and pension increases, was accepted by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

At the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Bill on the Amendment of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, Certain Laws and the Decree of the Law No. 375 was accepted and became a material.

According to the law, the monthly base payment amount, which is foreseen as 3 thousand 500 liras on the basis of documents, will be increased to 5 thousand 500 liras for retirees and beneficiaries who receive old-age, disability and death pensions.

Employed by one or more bosses with a service contract; Village and neighborhood headmen and those who work independently on their own name and account, regardless of service contract, who are real or easily adaptable income taxpayers due to commercial profit or self-employment profit; Those who are exempt from income tax and registered in the registry of tradesmen and craftsmen; partners of joint stock companies who are members of the board of directors; limited partnerships of limited partnership companies whose capital is divided into shares; all partners of other companies and equipment subsidiaries; Income and salaries paid to those engaged in agricultural activities will be increased by 30 percent, effective from January 2023.

According to the law, the minimum price basis will continue in January-June 2023.

In this context, the monthly premium and service documents given to the SSI for the same month of 2022 or the concise and premium service declarations, by the bosses who employ the insured persons, about whom long-term insurance branches decisions are applied, and under not to exceed the total number of premium payment days of the insured persons notified in the monthly premium and service documents or concise and premium service declarations for the current month in 2023; The total number of premium payment days of the insured persons notified from the workplaces included in this coverage for the first time in 2023; For the January-June 2023 period, the price to be found by multiplying 13.33 liras per day will be deducted from the insurance premiums that these bosses will pay to SGK and this amount will be covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Prime basic daily profit amount will be based on 500 lira for workplaces for private department bosses subject to collective bargaining contracts.

​​​​​​​The services of the insured whose services are reported to SGK as insufficient due to incorrect processes in the short-time working payments made due to the Kovid-19 epidemic will be put into effect.

The 16.48 percent increase in the salaries and prices of public servants, including the inflation difference, for the period between January 1 and June 30, 2023, will be applied as 30 percent by adding 13.52 percent. In this context, the additional rate of 13.52 percentage points will not be taken into account in the calculation of the one-to-one period inflation difference.

– The law proposal for the transfer of the contracted worker to the team will be submitted to the Parliament today.

For the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final, the European Football Associations Association (UEFA), the participating football clubs and the legal individuals in charge of the organization, to those whose workplace, legal and business center is not located in Turkey, the goods deliveries and service performances to be made in connection with this match and the goods to be made by them due to this match deliveries and services will be exempt from VAT, income and corporate tax.

CHP, ÂLÂ Party and HDP cluster deputies, who demanded a speech before the voting held at the General Assembly, declared that they found the increases made insufficient, but they would vote “yes” to the proposal. The proposal was unanimously accepted.

AK Party Cluster Deputy Chairman Hasret Varlıklı stated that they will present the bill to the Parliament today for the transfer of 500 thousand contracted workers to the team.

Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Nimetullah Erdoğmuş, closed the assembly to meet at 14.00 after the proposal became law.