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Leaked Galaxy S23 press images reveal the phone’s design completely

Galaxy S23 press images prepared by Samsung finally appeared on the internet. These images clearly tell us what the phone will look like when it hits the shelves.

Galaxy S23 mockups leaked to the internetOnly hours later, Samsung’s official marketing images for the base Galaxy S23 have also surfaced.

These images allow us to see the phone from almost all angles. We can also understand how much other separately placed rear camera sensors will protrude from the chassis. Fortunately, Samsung seems to have managed to keep the protrusion as small as possible, but there is a good chance the cameras will still cause the device to shake when the phone is placed on the table and used without being lifted.

As you’d expect, the basic Galaxy S23 has a flat front and rounded corners. Another detail that has emerged with the visuals is that the phone will be available in four colors worldwide: Botanical Green, Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac and Phantom Black.

There will be a few more special colors (such as light green, light blue and light red) for those who order from Samsung’s website, but it’s not clear now what options Samsung will offer in various markets.