Liquidation arrangement for execution proceedings under 2 thousand TL

Administrative grounds for the liquidation of receivables up to TL 2,000 in execution proceedings have been determined.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance determined the administrative bases for the liquidation of receivables up to 2 thousand TL in the enforcement proceedings, which was regulated with the bag item no. 7420 last November.

With the declaration determining the originals of the implementation of the discontinuous point 2 of the law on the change of the income tax law and some laws and decrees published in the Official Gazette, the enforcement documents within this scope, which are followed in the enforcement offices and carried out with the Central Tracking System established within the National Judicial Network Information System. processes are determined.

In the Communiqué, there are also decisions regarding the refunds to be made from the Treasury share and the refunds to be made from the universal service contribution share within the framework of the refund processes to be made by deduction as a result of the waiver.