Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro processors introduced! Features and price

Apple introduced new Mac mini models with M2 and M2 Pro processors. The new minicomputers promise top-notch performance.

Apple is bringing the new generation M2 processors to the Mac mini after the MacBook models. The company introduced Mac mini models with the new M2 and M2 Pro processors. Apple states that the new mini computer models are much more capable with M2 processors than the previous generation.

M2 and M2 Pro processors take Mac mini to another level

Compared to the previous generation Mac mini, the new computers with M2 and M2 Pro processors are quite ambitious in terms of performance and efficiency. With a faster next-generation processor and graphics unit, as well as improved memory bandwidth and a more powerful media engine, minicomputers have reached a new level. Apple also underlines that both models have an advanced thermal system to offer superior performance.

The new Mac mini with the M2 processor is home to an 8-core CPU, four high-performance and four high-efficiency cores. In addition, the new Mac mini has a 10-core GPU. The price of the new mini computer was announced as 599 dollars.

With the new generation M2 processor Mac mini, up to 24 GB of combined memory and 100 GB / s bandwidth, activities such as image editing can be done 50 percent faster than the previous model. At the same time, the computer’s video editing speed has increased by up to two times.

Comparing the new M2 processor Mac mini model with the Intel Core i7 version, Apple claims that it offers up to 22 times faster machine learning in Pixelmator Pro. On the other hand, the new minicomputer can create complex timelines 9.8 times faster in Final Cut Pro.

Compared to the next-generation M1 processor variant, up to 2.4x faster ProRes transcoding in Final Cut Pro, up to 50 percent faster filter and function performance in Adobe Photoshop, up to 35 percent faster in Resident Evil Village. faster gameplay figures are reached.

The M2 Pro processor brings professional-grade performance to Mac mini for the first time. The new CPU, which hosts a total of 12 cores, including 8 high performance and 4 efficiency cores, brings many advantages to the mini computer. The new computer also includes a 19-core graphics unit.

Mac mini with M2 Pro processor with 200 GB / s bandwidth has up to 32 GB RAM support. Designed to significantly speed up video playback and encoding using very little power, the M2 Pro makes the new Mac mini quite capable in this sense.

Stating that the M2 Pro supported model is up to 14 times faster than the fastest Intel-based Mac mini, Apple also revealed the advantages of its new models against the M1 Mac mini. Accordingly, the device with the new M2 Pro processor is up to 2.5x faster graphics performance in Affinity Photo, up to 4.2x faster ProRes transcoding in Final Cut Pro, and up to 2.8x faster in Resident Evil Village offers gameplay.

Compared to the 27-inch iMac with Intel i7 processor and Radeon Pro 5500 XT, the new Mac mini with M2 Pro processor is up to 50 percent faster filter and function performance in Adobe Photoshop, up to 5.5x faster in Adobe Lightroom Classic. faster panoramic compositing and up to 4.4x faster object tracking in Final Cut Pro.

With the M2 Pro processor, Apple states that this level of performance is offered in compact sizes for the first time. The new mini PC seems to stand out in gaming performance as well as photo and video editing performance for content creators.

Mac mini continues to offer extensive connectivity with a wide variety of ports. The M2 model offers two Thunderbolt 4 ports and support for up to two displays. The M2 Pro model, on the other hand, has four Thunderbolt 4 ports and support for up to three displays.

In addition, the M2 Pro model also supports 8K resolution, a first for Mac. Both models feature two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, a Gigabit Ethernet port supporting up to 10GB, and an advanced headphone jack to support high-impedance headphones. For wireless connectivity, both new models host Bluetooth 5.3 as well as Wi-Fi 6E5, which is up to 2x faster than its predecessor.

With its new M2 and M2 Pro processors, Apple has also made significant progress in Mac mini models. The new mini-computers, whose orders have started to be taken in the designated regions as of today, will begin to reach their owners as of January 24. So what do you think about the new Mac mini models? You can share your views with us in the comments section.