male and female sexuality

In societies around the world, male and female sexuality are different from each other. The woman seeks love, affection and security in sexuality, but also wants to know that she is desired and wanted. She doesn’t look at sex as just getting pleasure. Female sexual anatomy; large lips, clitoris, small lips, urethra outlet, vagina entrance external genitalia; uterus and ovaries are the internal genitalia.

He often suggests what he likes about his own body, pleasure and pleasure points, sexually.
age can discover. Many women shame and forbid sexuality because of their society and family.
or cannot play an active role in his own sexual life due to sexual myths. own sexual
Information about his life, pleasure points, sexual life begins before he can recognize his body and
Sometimes it can end like this.
In developed societies, sexuality is an act that can be experienced more comfortably. from a young age
can acquire information about sexuality and actively engage in sexuality later in life.
they can live. In many societies and cultures, an active sexual life for women begins with marriage.
The active role of the woman in sexuality varies according to the attitude of the partner.
Throughout a woman’s life (adolescence, marriage, pre- and postpartum, menopause
Various conditions affect the sexual life of women. Except for physiological conditions
society, family, culture, religion, psycho-social situations affect the sexual life of women. This is what happened
Conditions such as these can cause various sexual dysfunctions in people.
The concept of sexuality is a sexual myth, shame, sin or sin for women in many cultures and societies.
while it is interpreted as private; As the man comes into the world, a sexual perception is loaded.
The concept of sexuality is a natural and normal process for men. Subconsciously from a young age
Messages are given, such as the sexuality that one will experience, and that masculinity will be proved by sexuality.
The male body’s approach to sexuality and his attitude compared to the female; physiologically and anatomically
shows differences. In male sexual anatomy; penis external genitalia; testis, prostate and
Sperm ducts are internal genitalia. Length, thickness and shape of the external genitalia
differs from person to person. In satisfying the woman in sexual functioning or intercourse
The size of the penis doesn’t matter.

The penis is the symbol of man’s power. He shows his masculinity and strength to the woman and society he is with.
with exhibits. It is the organ where he gets pleasure, has an orgasm, provides reproduction, and gives pleasure to his partner.
Visual and auditory stimuli help the man to have a sexual act and get an erection.
It is possible. A healthy man wakes up in the morning and many times during the day during his sleep.
can experience an erection.