Male Nurse Burak Seçinti Speaks to BSHA Crying Out Nurses’ Problems (Private)

Heavy, a 26-year-old and 3-year-old civil servant, who boldly spoke about nurses’ issues by participating in a program broadcast on YouTube in Turkey.

Turkey is talking about 26-year-old and 3-year-old Heavy Care Nurse Burak Seçinti, who participated in a program broadcasting on YouTube and brought the problems of nurses to the word in a pompous manner.

Election, reached by BSHA, said that he was defended by the lawyers of the union he was a member of because he declared that he is currently on leave, and that he is not afraid to return to his duty, and that he is prepared for anything.

Speaking to Oğuzhan Uğur, Burak Seçinti is Protected by the Union!

Burak Seçinti, who works as a heavy care nurse at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, was among the names on the agenda of the country, participating in the program of YouTube Manufacturer Oğuzhan Uğur and bringing the issues of all his colleagues, especially nurses working in the public sector, to speech. Seçinti, reached by Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA), said that he was under protection by the union of which he was a member, due to his conscious statements that he is currently on leave.


Male Nurse Burak Seçinti Became a Phenomenon

Stating that she received notifications from many of her colleagues due to the program spread on social media, the young nurse stated that no one reached her by the hospital administration and said: I am a union official. The syndicate has me on the defensive right now. I guess the hospital administration is also waiting for me. I will gladly go with them. I had no reservations. I am currently in my third year as a civil servant. I have only one salary to lose. I know very well that we suffer as nurses. I planned to join the YouTube program. I expected the police and other professional groups, especially the teachers, to participate in the program and talk. By participating in this program, I decided to bring the occupational difficulties to the language and I realized it. I had no random hesitation. Even though I had difficulties with my civil service status, I made statements in a conscious form by risking everything.”

“There is no recipe for nursing in the 21st century”

Stating that there is no job description for the nursing profession in Turkey in the 21st century, Burak Seçinti said, “I’ve been bruising for 16 years in order to be able to do this job, I’m not in the mood to dramatize my father’s cancer patient, but there are facts of life. I’m not after a thousand TL here. I am one of those who get paid more than my colleagues who receive incentive payments in the field. I have friends who receive 5 lira and 6 lira incentive payments. My conscience is not at all comfortable. I have friends who have never received incentive payments. We do everything on the field. We play to satisfy managers rather than looking after patients. We can’t even raise our voices on a watch list. Since a colleague of mine asked a question about the duty list, his place of duty was changed as of January,” and talked about professional problems. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)