Mask Network Continues Its Strong Rise!

Mask Network (MASK), which has increased by 76 percent in the last week, continues its upward trend.

MaskNetwork, which has increased by 76 percent in the last week (MASK)continues its uptrend.

With the rise of Bitcoin (BTC) in recent days, for altcoins great rise has begun . Accompanying these rises MASK continues to overcome the resistances in front of it one by one. In addition, Twitter’s convergence towards cryptocurrencies creates a favorable environment for the social media and Web3-oriented Mask Network side.

Mask Network Rise, Why Is It Rising?

Mask Networkplatform’s native cryptocurrency MASKFor Twitter and Facebook users Web3 offers qualifications. Purpose of placing on the market “buying decentralized storage or NFTs” explained as. Also one of the goals of MASK Bridge between Web 2 and Web 3working as a is to create cryptocurrencies.

Web3 has recently come to the fore in trend cycles, which are indispensable for the crypto market. Web3 focused cryptocurrencies continue their pricing by coming to the fore in recent weeks. As long as the trend cycle continues on the Web3 side, of MASKPricing is expected to continue.

MASK Chart Analysis, What Can Happen?

MASK As long as it can maintain the current uptrend, it can rise up to its initial target of $5.20. If this level is exceeded, $6.40 and $7.50 levels may rise. Unable to maintain the uptrend and possible of BTCIn the decline scenario, respectively, $4.44, $3.80, and $2.02recessions may occur.