“Maturity in trade exceeded 6 months”

Compared to Octet Turkey’s 2022 numbers, the maturity date exceeded six months last year. While there was a 32 percent decrease in one payment and 2-3 installments, this decrease was recorded in 5 and 6 installments.

Octet Turkey, which serves more than a thousand vendor companies, has announced the payment data of Turkey for 2022.

Derya Ekemen Fidan, General Manager of Octet Turkey, said, “Average maturities in the companies and target branches we work with increased by 28 percent in 2022 compared to 2021, and accordingly, the rate of increase was 23 percent, especially in terms of 6 or more installments.”

Fidan said, “While there was an average decrease of 32 percent in 2 and 3 installments in addition to a single payment, this decrease was significantly reduced in 5 and 6 installments. The share of the process over 6 installments, which was 35 percent in 2021, increased to 45 percent in 2022. The rate of companies working with 12 installments, ie 180-190 days, has reached a level of 6.50 percent from 1.70 percent in 2021”.

Ekemen Fidan stated that while in 2022, automotive and sub-industry, chemistry and electricity/electronics priority branches will be added to these branches in 2023, Ekemen Fidan announced that they closed the year 2022 with a turnover of 6.5 billion TL, growing 5 times compared to the previous year.

Ekemen Fidan, who also stated that they experienced an increase of 275 percent in the number of SME customers compared to the previous year, also stated that the number of companies and companies with a dealer network increased by 230 percent compared to the previous year.