Metacade Hosts P2E Crypto Games with Potential (Sponsored)

Metacade focuses on hosting potential P2E crypto games while enabling its users to generate revenue.

Metacade focuses on hosting potential P2E crypto games while enabling its users to generate revenue.

It should come as no surprise that the gaming industry, which is currently a $200 billion industry, will grow significantly in the coming years. But the industry has some flaws, and blockchain technology is seen as a way to restore the balance of power in the gaming industry. It saves the balance of power from the influence of large corporate companies and hands it over to the players.

P2E (Play to Win) looks set to redefine the industry, so finding the best gaming projects to win crypto games is crucial for investors looking to maximize their earnings in the coming year by finding the crypto investment that can deliver high returns.

What is Metacade?

The recent release of the whitepaper has given industry experts a clear idea of ​​what the Metacade project seeks to achieve. At the heart of their strategy is building the metaverse’s largest P2E arcade. The project also focuses on hosting the best P2E crypto games while enabling its users to generate income.

Prizes will be awarded not only to those who play the best P2E crypto games, but also for other actions taken across the platform. Players participating in competitive games and tournaments can win prizes (and much more). However, users do not necessarily have to play games to win. Contributions that improve the user experience on the platform, such as writing game reviews or interacting with other members, are also rewarded.

How Does Metacade Work?

The innovative approach to rewards provides a set of incentives for all users that enable continuous improvement in the Metacade ecosystem. This helps create a progressive feedback loop and increases the number of users. Users also contribute more to the platform to earn rewards.

The MCADE token acts as the currency of the Metacade project, meaning it is heavily used as players interact with the platform. There are uses for all kinds of value exchanges such as entering tournaments, purchasing products and of course winning prizes.

MCADE can also be accumulated by their owners. This is another incentive for investors to hold the token for the long term. The project aims to encourage all investors to hold their tokens with staking rewards issued as stablecoins to prevent the circulating supply of MCADE from decreasing.

Although Metacade has set out to launch the arcade with the best P2E crypto games, it has a strategy to ensure it will remain the project with the best P2E crypto games in the long run.

The main factor in this is the Metagrants program, which allows game developers to submit their ideas for new games to the Metacade community. Using their tokens, MCADE holders can vote on which projects deserve to be funded, thus ensuring that only the games that the community deems as the best are developed.

This end-to-end strategy is the main reason why many investors have touted Metacade as the best crypto investment in a long time, and presale was a huge sales success, raising $4.5 million in just 10 weeks.

What Level Can MCADE’s Price Reach?

The gaming industry is already a $200 billion market, meaning there’s a user base that’s known to be there and is expected to grow further. In terms of even the most prudent estimates, if Metacade can secure even a small slice of the market (about 1 percent of the overall gaming market), that would mean incredible payoffs for MCADE owners.

With Metacade tokenomics built to help investors achieve the profits they want, a $2 billion market cap (1 percent of the total gaming market) means the price of MCADE has gone up to $1, an incredible 125x since the presale beta phase.

Is Metacade a good investment?

Metacade’s huge growth potential and strong investor interest are a sure sign that the project will succeed. As the platform continues to develop its huge arcade of top P2E crypto games, the price of MCADE is likely to rise dramatically, making Metacade the best crypto investment for crypto fans and investors.

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