Metacade (MCADE) Pre-Sale Continues (Sponsored)

Metacade (MCADE) pre-sale is ongoing and aims to generate approximately fifty times earnings by 2023.

Metacade ( MCADE) pre-sale continues and aims to generate approximately fifty times earnings by 2023.

It can be difficult to find great investment opportunities during a bear market. However, Metacade, a brand new project with great long-term potential, could become one of the most profitable investments in crypto.

Metacade (MCADE) has already raised approximately $1.5 million in investment. Metacade can play a key role in the advancement of blockchain games. Seems to be one of the best metaverse projects on the market right now.

Big Profitable Metaverse Projects: Next Metacade!

Just three weeks after Metacade announced the start of its pre-sale, the beta phase of the Metacade pre-sale is completely sold out. 140 million MCADE tokens have been made available at a price of $0.008, which will increase further in the later stages of the pre-sale.

Since the MCADE token is generally considered to be low in price, the project could become one of the best metaverse investments in the long run. In addition, as the pre-sale is launched at the lows of the bear market, investors who are early on in this metaverse project could earn nearly a hundredfold in the next bull market.

Metacade provides unlimited fun and plenty of crypto earning opportunities for its community. Moreover, the platform has the potential to reach a significant number of users over time, as it has a worldwide appeal and could benefit the broader gaming industries in some unique ways.

What is Metacade?

Metacade will offer a wide array of arcade style games on the metaverse gaming platform. Players can reach endless levels in these games and earn MCADE tokens as they try to beat their own highscore. Metacade will also host tournaments where players will be ranked based on their performance and winners will receive massive MCADE prizes based on their skills.

Players can discover the latest trends in blockchain gaming, share reviews of new games, and earn MCADE token rewards by contributing useful information to other community members on Metacade. The project aims to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) over time and to grow through a democratic management system in which it gives complete control to its community.

How Does Metacade Work?

Metacade has an extensive reward system developed using blockchain technology. GameFi combines gaming with financial incentives, offering gamers crypto rewards through integrated “play-to-earn” mechanics. Metacade brings this feature to the gaming platform and offers players many ways to earn crypto earnings.

Players will also be able to test new blockchain games in development. By playing these games and giving feedback to the developers, they can help fix bugs and improve gameplay before new metaverse projects are officially released.

Metacade A Game-Breaking Project

Metacade is launching an innovative method called Metagrants to drive growth in the GameFi industry. Game developers will submit game offers to the Metacade community, and the community will vote to decide which of these new metaverse projects is the best. The result will be funding for the best games in demand, which will directly help expand the scope, scale and quality of the GameFi industry.

With Metacade, players will have more authority to shape the future. This is a major metaverse project offering a decentralized gaming experience that adheres to the core values ​​of blockchain technology and can contribute to changing the overall landscape of the major gaming industry.

Could MCADE Reach $1 in 2023?

Price predictions for metaverse projects are generally on the rise because the metaverse is one of the leading areas of blockchain development. Additionally, metaverse projects like Metacade could drive the GameFi industry towards global acceptance, as they can open up new possibilities to more than three billion players around the world.

In the final stage of its presale, MCADE will cost $0.02. MCADE will be launched on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in 2023 and will be available to a large number of users.

As a result, experts predict big gains for MCADE in 2023. Price forecasts for the next 12 months range from $0.80 to $1.50; which means MCADE has the potential to rise 75x after the presale period ends. This potential also means that the $1 target is a reasonable estimate for Metacade investors.

Is MCADE Worth Buying?

MCADE is poised to be one of the best buys of the year. Its price is currently only $0.01 per token and experts are quite optimistic about future price movements. The price could rise to as high as $1 in 2023 and generate big gains for its early investors in the Metacade ecosystem.

The price of MCADE will gradually increase from $0.008 to $0.02 during the presale, meaning investors have a limited time to purchase MCADE at $0.01 in stage 1. On the other hand, given how quickly MCADE is depleted during the beta phase, investors should rush to collect as many MCADE tokens as possible in the current phase before prices rise again.

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