MetaMask Warns! A New Type of Scam Is Spreading

Popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask has warned about a newly emerging crypto scam.

Popular Ethereum wallet MetaMaskhas warned of a newly emerging crypto scam.

MetaMask, formerly recovery specialist Asset Reality Collaboration has worked to recover lost assets of victims of crypto fraud and phishing attacks. The crypto wallet was later on the agenda due to the MetaMask privacy policy, while it was the target of scammers. In this regard, the meticulous developer warned its users against a new type of scam.

Warning Against Address Poisoning Scam from MetaMask

MetaMask, the crypto community Address PoisoningHe shared a warning about a new type of scam called (Poisoning Address).

According to the post of crypto wallet MetaMask on Twitter; Address Poisoning, users wallet number is replaced by hacker’s wallet via virus. One of the highlights here is that wallet numbers are used in a similar way.

Address PoisoningThe so-called scam works like this:

After you send a normal transaction, the scammer ‘poisons’ the txn history by sending a $0 txn. Hackers are using an address with the same first and last few characters as the actual transaction you sent. They hope you won’t check the exact address and instead copy theirs in a future post. This causes unaware users to actually use the hacker’s wallet in the second transaction.

MetaMask‘s main anti-fraud advice is to double-check the full address or use the Address Book feature.