Metaverse Project to Mark the Year: Metacade (Sponsored)

Metacade (MCADE) showed that it could mark the year by performing well above expectations during the pre-sale phase.

Metacade ( MCADE), showed that it could leave its mark on the year by performing well above the expectations during the pre-sale phase.

More companies and individuals are starting to realize the enormous potential of the new digital and virtual worlds. This situation has the potential to show serious growth for the metaverse this year as well. In the bear market of 2022, many important cryptocurrencies lost value significantly. However, new projects are also emerging that have the potential to reverse the trend.

Metacade Has The Potential To Become The Best Metaverse Project Of The Year

metacade, is a new project that has attracted gamers over its exciting plans to become the leading metaverse gaming platform next year through a virtual video arcade.

metacadelocal coin of the project MCADE performed above expectations in the pre-sale. In this situation, experts MCADEIt made him think that ‘could be the best metaverse coin of 2023 and generate profits for early investors.

MCADE: Will Mark 2023

Metacade has already managed to grab the attention of metaverse game fans and investors. The beta presale phase sold out within three weeks of its launch and has justified the excitement about this blockchain-based “Play to Earn:P2E” platform by attracting more than $1.6 million in investment.

During the beta presale phase, MCADE tokens were offered for sale for $0.008 each. This price is set to rise with each presale stage, reaching its final price of $0.02 when the ninth and final stage is completed. As a result, early traders have the potential to make significant profits before MCADE launches on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and everyone joins the Metacade spree.

Metacade promises to offer users much more than just P2E. All the details are included in the platform’s interesting whitepaper. Alongside its market-leading P2E game diversity, Metacade aims to be at the forefront of GameFi innovation for years to come with its groundbreaking Metagrants program, which is part of the platform’s transformation into a fully-fledged, community-led decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) by the fourth quarter of 2024.

These comprehensive plans have led analysts to make strong predictions that MCADE is a candidate to become the next metaverse coin that can generate huge returns to investors.

What Levels Can MCADE Reach in 2023?

MCADE coins are guaranteed to increase in value at each presale stage. Each MCADE coin will be worth $0.02 when listed on DEXs. At this stage, it will be one of the most valuable coins that can be purchased publicly in the crypto markets, offering a superior performance.

A total of two billion stable MCADE tokens can be purchased. Therefore, there is a serious demand from investors. This demand, coupled with the momentum gained during the presale, is expected to significantly increase the value of MCADE coins. This could be excellent news for those who purchased tokens during the presale.

A rich and versatile community platform that offers longevity and long-term stability is exactly what investors are looking for in the current bear market conditions. This demand could push the MCADE price above $1 in 2023, providing quite a bit of upside potential for presale, early investors.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an Ethereum blockchain-based platform that uses the latest Web3 techniques to create the largest virtual arcade in the metaverse. With the widest selection of P2E titles along with many other opportunities for users to earn passive income through social interactions with the community, Metacade is a one-stop shop for all gamers to spend time and connect with like-minded people.

These various earning opportunities for its users distinguish Metacade from other GameFi platforms. But it’s not just gamers who will benefit from Metacade. In the third quarter of 2023, the innovative Metagrants program will be launched.

The transition to a true DAO will begin in the second quarter of 2023 and will end in the fourth quarter of 2024. At this point, full control of the platform’s multi-signature wallet, all key roles and all voting rights will be transferred to community members.

How Does Metacade Work?

Metacade has several different revenue streams that make the platform self-sustaining. These include advertisements, pay-to-play (Pay-to-play) games, using the launchpad program to enable external companies to publish their games on Metacade, and posting Web3 companies job postings on the platform’s job bulletin board, which will launch in the first quarter of 2024.

All these revenues flow into members’ wallets in the form of rewards and provide funding for Metagrants.

Other opportunities for Metacade users to earn rewards and passive income are available through the Compete2Earn (Race to Win), Create2Earn (Build to Win) and Work2Earn (Work to Win) initiatives. Players accumulate tokens to participate in tournaments and regular prize draws with high potential prizes. Social interactions through game reviews, sharing game knowledge, alpha and backtesting also earn rewards. Finally, community members wishing to pursue a career in the GameFi industry can find the most attractive job opportunities on Metacade’s job bulletin board as part of the Work2Earn program.

Metacade: At the Forefront of GameFi Development

Metacade has never hidden its desire to lead the development of the GameFi industry, and the Metagrants initiative is at the heart of these plans. The plan allows game developers to submit new game submissions to the community’s appreciation and vote. The best ideas get crypto funding and development begins to produce the best new games anywhere in the metaverse.

Metacade Is A Good Investmentis it?

Metacade is a candidate to be the best metaverse coin of 2023. With MCADE already creating a lot of excitement during the presale, there’s never been a better time for investors to get involved and maximize their returns.

Its current $0.01 value looks quite attractive. The sooner traders buy MCADE tokens, the better their chances of making a profit when they go on sale on Metacade DEXs and people start to take advantage of the platform’s long-term potential, solid roadmap and momentum.

To Metacade presale You can join.