methamphetamine addiction

Frequency of methamphetamine use, effects of methamphetamine, treatment and methamphetamine-induced psychosis.


According to a report published by the EGM Narcotic Crimes Department in August; In our country, it is seen that the amount of methamphetamine seizures increases every year, especially between the years 2016-2021.

The highest increase was seen in 2020, with an increase of 4 times compared to the previous year, but this increase still continues today. Although the rates vary, it is known that its use is increasing rapidly not only in Turkey but also in the world.

What is methamphetamine and what effects does it have?

Methamphetamine is a stimulant substance with a strong addictive effect. It is also known as “crystal, ice, met, ice” among the people. Although the crystal form is more common, it is also known to be carried in liquid form.

Since its effects start and end quickly, it can cause repeated use and thus addiction.

When used in low doses; It can cause effects such as excess energy, alertness, anger, loss of appetite. It can also cause restlessness, fear, panic, suspiciousness and aggression when used in higher doses. In the long run, cardiovascular and kidney health may deteriorate, dental problems, excessive weight loss, and skin problems may occur.

In addition, paranoia and hallucinations due to methamphetamine use may become permanent over time. It is estimated that 6-46% of users develop methamphetamine-related psychosis.

Treatment Process

As in other addictions, psychological support, increasing motivation for the elimination of addiction, social support of the person, informing the family (environment), and drug treatment are used for withdrawal symptoms that may occur after discontinuation.