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Microsoft is preparing for a new Surface-branded phone that will work with Android

Microsoft is working to launch a classic Surface branded smartphone. According to the leaks, the phone will work with the Android operating system.

After two unsuccessful attempts, Microsoft decided to abandon the idea of ​​a dual-screen smartphone. Now, the company is preparing to offer its customers its vision of a productivity-oriented Android smartphone with a foldable screen by turning to the foldable phone segment. But a Surface smartphone with a foldable screen isn’t Microsoft’s only plan. The company is considering expanding its smartphone lineup with more Surface-branded devices in classic form factors.

In addition to launching a “normal” Surface smartphone with Android in it, Microsoft also wants to tighten the ties between Windows and Google’s portable operating system. The company aims to create a better “ecosystem” in the middle of the two operating systems and to offer an iPhone-like experience with its numerous integrations with macOS. “Perfect Together”working on the project.

Microsoft knows how difficult it is to compete with the main players in the market due to its experience trying to achieve success in the smartphone market with different products many times. That’s why Microsoft is preparing the “Perfect Together” project to differentiate its Surface smartphones from its competitors.

While these reports probably upset the outnumbered Surface Duo fan base, it’s encouraging to see that Microsoft hasn’t given up on making smartphones and exploring alternative ideas.