Midnight Suns Deadpool expansion video has been released!

Published by 2K, Midnight Suns will receive the Deadpool expansion next week. The additional package, the video of which has been published, contains a lot of content.

Midnight Suns, a turn-based role-playing game set in the Marvel universe, made its debut in the past months. Fun scenario and combat system tactical For the production, which is loved by many players, a new additional package will be released in the coming days. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Deadpool is being added to Midnight Suns!

2K, the publisher of the game, announced the Deadpool expansion pack with a fun video. As we can see from the video, many new content will be added to the game with the additional package. January 26Deadpool DLC, which will be released on , will add new cosmetics to the game, new enemies, different gameplay styles and Deadpool’s special project. “Food Truck”will add.

Tasks that come with the plugin “Spidermaaaaans” It will be accessible after you complete your mission. However, if you want to add Deadpool to your team, after purchasing the expansion pack. “A Man of Culture” You have to complete your mission. In addition, the Deadpool add-on will be the first of four additional packs to come to the game. In the future Venom, morbiusand stormwill also be included in the game.

Midnight Suns, December 2, 2022 It is a superhero turn-based strategy game released in history. Developed by Firaxis Games, the makers of XCOM, the game has been loved by many players since its release. Thanks to its turn-based system, the game becomes different from the usual superhero productions.