Millionaires Focused on Cryptocurrencies

A study by the deVere Group revealed that 82 percent of the millionaire customers surveyed turned to cryptocurrencies.

deVere GroupA study by the millionaire surveyed revealed that 82 percent of customers are turning to cryptocurrencies.

The difficult processes in the crypto money market did not intimidate strong investors. Especially in the past year, interest in the crypto sector, which has experienced a major collapse, has increased. The crypto sector, which was not preferred at the beginning, has become the focus of institutions and millionaires in recent years. A study by the deVere Group found that the millionaire customers surveyed He explained that 82 percent turn to Bitcoin and other assets.

Millionaires Are Coming! Crypto Industry Focus

financial consulting firm deVere Groupdrew attention in his research for 2022, which he announced the other day.

The company’s research shows that the millionaire customers surveyed during the painful crypto winter underlined that 82 percent of them turn to cryptocurrencies . According to the survey results, the company $1.2 million to $6.1 millionamong customers with investable assets were examined. Eight out of 10 of these clients learned about crypto from their advisors in a 12-month period.

Nigel Green, CEO of the deVare Group described the surveyed group as typically conservative. However, according to Green, this audience shows interest by considering Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in different categories.