Minister Nabati: Working with banks on second-hand housing

Treasury and Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati made statements about the new housing project.

Treasury and Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati made a statement to the AA Editorial Desk.

The highlights of Nabati’s statement are as follows;

– In 2022, inflation rose in every country in the world. Except for inflation, there is a complete improvement in all macroeconomic indicators in Turkey.

– (My New Home) This is an invitation. You (housing companies) will also support the attitude put forward by the public on Monday. You will turn it into a campaign.

– Apart from these campaigns, we will take steps to facilitate the acquisition of housing.

– We have a mission to minimize abuses, we have taken the necessary measures and we will go against it.

– We cannot be in a preventive position in processes that are in need of citizens, just because abuses are seen.

– We will look at requests, transportation next Monday; we will increase the loan size in case of need

– There is a demand for second-hand housing. We are working on this issue with our banks. Our banks can enter second-hand housing with the interest they determine.