Modoko/Çalışkan: We fixed prices on 80 percent of furniture

Modoko Leader Koray Caliskan reported that they fixed prices on 80 percent of the furniture.

Çalışkan, whose evaluations were included in the statement made by Modoko, noted that the supply-demand stability deteriorated in 2022 as the furniture sector had difficulty in finding raw materials.

Çalışkan pointed out that furniture was the second item with the highest price increase in the inflation package and said, “Due to the very significant increases in the works we bought, our prices have increased significantly. So much so that the second item with the highest price increase in the inflation package is furniture. “At the moment, we have no difficulty in finding raw points,” he said.

Emphasizing that the stocks regarding the raw material have started to reach a sufficient level, Çalışkan stated that the chipboard-MDF manufacturers have increased their capacity.

Noting that they decided to be included as Modoko in the work of the markets in the new year, he made the following assessment:

“Together with 610 companies, we have decided not to increase our prices until the end of the month. Hopefully, there will be minor increases in February with the increase in the base price, but until that day, we will keep our prices constant until the end of January.

In addition, we work with banks for installment options for our customers in cash price. We also support consumers with installment campaigns. Even if the slight increase in prices is difficult for furniture, it will benefit us in the part of melting the stocks. This period will be a period in which we do our duty in the face of the increase in inflation to activate the domestic market a little more, and we will melt the stocks. We keep prices fixed on 80 percent of the furniture. This part is a more tree-laden part and the prices are currently offered for sale at a discount. We lowered our profitability. We continue to work on special campaigns for furniture buyers as well.”