Moody’s Supports Mango Markets Case

Credit rating agency Moody’s backed the SEC and CFTC’s move against the Mango Markets abuser.

credit rating agency moody’s, SEC and CFTC To the Mango Markets abusersupported his move.

The Mango Markets exploit last year deeply shook the crypto industry. The DeFi project suffered millions of dollars in losses as a result of the exploit. Legal processes continue for Avraham Eisenberg, who had a hand in the abuse of Mango Markets. The SEC and CFTC accused Avraham Eisenberg of embezzling $116 million in manipulation of Mango Markets. Moody’s supported this move by the CFTC and SEC.

Moody’s Considers Mango Markets Case Favorable for DeFi

credit institution moody’sFor the healthy progress of the DeFi industry Mango MarketsHe believes his case can have a positive outcome.

Moody’s is the exploiter of the crypto project Avraham Eisenberg He suggested that the recent charges against him could have a positive impact on the DeFi industry. credit institution, He expressed his support for the moves made by the SEC and CFTC to Mango Markets.

Arguing that DeFi will thus become a safer place, Cristiano Ventricelli, vice president of Moody’s, said:

“The fact that both the SEC and CFTC took action against market manipulation by an alleged fraudulent trader is positive credit for the industry as a whole.”

Ventricelli thinks that the DeFi industry, which is a difficult to regulate area, could become a more positive place with this move by the regulators.