NASA tested the revolutionary rocket engine!

Space agency NASA has tested a revolutionary new technology. With the new technology, it is aimed to reduce fuel consumption.

space agency NASA makes a name for himself with his successful space travels. The space agency, which brings us face to face with a new innovation every day, aims to make space travel easier this time. NASA offers new technologyIt can reduce the fuel it uses.

Space agency NASA aims to consume less fuel with new technology

NASA comes up with a different space travel and mission each time. Working on an easier way to accomplish these missions and journeys, the space agency has tested a new technology. necessary for missions with new technology. reduce fuelit’s going to be possible.

The space agency has tested an entirely new class of rocket engines that it claims will revolutionize sustainable interplanetary travel. This new engine is the first full-scale rotary engine to change the way propulsion systems are built in the future. blast rocket engineor RDREit will be.

The new engine was launched by NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. at the Marshall Space Flight Center revealed in a test. The test, which lasted about 10 minutes and fired more than a dozen times, was a success. The purpose of the test is to build on existing propulsion systems that NASA and other rocket building companies rely on. provide more thrustand less fuel was to use. Using less fuel makes it easier to prepare spacecraft for space travel.

The agency made an official statement on the matter. In the description, for about one minute with the engine running at full throttle. over 4,000 pounds He stated that it produces thrust. Moreover a reusable RDRE He also expressed his desire to improve. Additionally, he explained that a follow-up study is needed to identify performance benefits.