Nasdaq Crypto Index Gets Support from Bulls

The Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) is 37 percent in January when cryptocurrencies were on the rise.

Nasdaq Crypto Index ( NCI), in January when cryptocurrencies were on the rise 37.2 percentexperienced an increase.

Cryptocurrency market, which has had a tough year last year, continues the upward trend it started in January. The positive signals from the US also led to the appetite of crypto bulls. Bitcoin and the rise experienced by altcoins affected other indices as well. NCI backed by the strong support of the bulls It gained 37.2 percent momentum in January.

Nasdaq Crypto Index Rises With Bitcoin

A symbol of shifting market sentiment, the Nasdaq Crypto Index ( NCI), with an increase of 37.2 percent in January, It recorded its third-highest monthly return since May 2020.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index After about 10 months, fear turned the needle to greed. This indicates that the crypto bearish trend of the past months has been ignored.

NasdaqDeveloped by Hashdex in partnership with NCI covers a variety of digital assets that provide an industry comparison beyond bitcoin price. Last summer, in the index, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOT, BCHand UNIexisted.

hashdexchief technology and product manager Samir Kerbagesaid the following on the subject;

“While the current macro environment continues to present challenges for crypto and other risky assets, NCI’s strong performance is a clear sign that investors continue to see long-term value in the most disruptive and mature crypto assets.”