Net profit from Akbank in Q4, above market expectations

Akbank’s net profit in the fourth quarter of 2022 exceeded market expectations. The Bank increased its profit in 2022 by 396 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 60 billion TL.


Akbank in 2022 in the fourth quarter 20.3 billion TL market expectation over n 21.8 billion TL net profit for the period. The bank had a net profit of TL 17.07 billion in the previous quarter. Thus the bank 2022 year overall, compared to the previous year percentage of profit 396 by increasing 60 increased to TL billion. The bank had a net profit of TL 12.1 billion in the whole of 2021.

The company’s at the end of 2022 return on equity 5 percent 4.7 level and effective profitability as a percentage. 6.2 ‘y to output. of the bank end quarterly operating profit percent to 7.9 , return on equity is 62.3 percent to rose. S The capital adequacy ratio of the company is also 20.8 level took place.

In the bank’s credit activity 10% growth in the last quarter percent on a quarterly basis in operational consumption with continued cost pressure. 48 There was an increase of . While the bank’s annual TL loan growth increased by 77.8 percent, FX loans decreased by 8.8 percent, parallel to the branch.

Bank on inflation accounting; of regulation stating that it is not implemented now, at the end of 2022 return on equity adjusted for inflation low ten stated level.

Akbank’s in 2022 T U to FE indexed revenues amounted to TL 51.3 billion

Akbank, the year 2022 in 2 percent of their income 59 by increasing 84.4 increased to TL billion. Net interest income of the company, including swap and excluding CPI, is 1 percent. 44 with an increase 11.9 billion TL and CPI securities income 4% 51.3, up 89 billion TL.

Percentage of CPI and floating rate securities in total TL securities 64 ‘to declined. CPI-indexed securities are more expensive with 65 percent October-October inflation, while CPI-indexed securities 118 billion TL. The Bank’s October-October inflation expectation for 2023 is at the level of 30 percent.

Net 2.3 million new customer acquisition was achieved in 2022. While the bank’s TL deposit growth continued under the lead of customer increases, deposits had a 63 percent share in total liabilities. With strong deposits and KKM effect, TL loan/deposit ratio since the beginning of the year 35 points improved.

of the bank year 2022 swap not including net interest margin percent It was realized as 8.2 percent, above the bank claim of 7.0. It increased by 386 basis points to 7.09 percent.

Strong course in wage and board revenues continues

The strong course of the bank continued on the price and board revenues side. net price boards in 2022 percent compared to last year 96 art ti. The bank’s estimation of price and board increase for this year was 65 percent.

Annually on the operational costs side percent on a basis 106.2 While there is an increase in The NPL rate was 2.9 percent.

bank 202 3 He revised his assumptions about the year. Akbank 202 3 in the year; percentage 4 Over 0 TL loan growth, foreign currency loan low single digit growth , approximately in the net interest margin 4-5 ‘ level and about percent in return on equity. 30 ‘l u predict levels.