New Details from the Polygon Hard Fork

As Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon continues its hard fork, new details have emerged.

Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution polygonAs the hard fork continues, new details have emerged.

Polygon PoS runs parallel to Ethereum and with it Uniswapand aaveas well as projects such as Robinhood, Adobeand stripe It also hosts giant companies such as The upcoming update is part of an initiative to improve the technical capabilities of the Polygon sidechain, including parallelization and Polygon zkEVM.

New Details Shared for Polygon Hard Fork

polygon, told Cointelegraph that the hard fork will go into effect at block 38,189,056 and it will be initiated without the influence of central actors.

In addressing the gas surge issue, the Polygon team explained that they believe the growth curve can be flattened, thereby smoothing out the drastic fluctuations in gas prices, by increasing the denominator from 8 to 16, as the base wage price often experiences exponential increases when on-chain activity increases rapidly.

As for the issue of chain reorganization, Polygon explained that reducing the sprint length will increase transaction precision, allowing a single block generator to continuously add blocks at a frequency of 32 seconds as opposed to the current 128 seconds.

Polygon Team also confirmed that MATIC token holders and delegates will not need to take action and applications will not be affected during the hard fork.

The update, proposed by Polygon Labs developers, is scheduled to happen on January 17.