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New feature from WhatsApp: Photos sent will now be of better quality

The new feature of WhatsApp will delight those who are bothered by the “mud-like” appearance of the sent photos.

A new feature that WhatsApp is considering adding will allow users to send the photos they take to their friends in the format and quality in which they were originally taken. Thus, the quality of the photos sent on WhatsApp will not deteriorate.

With a new option that will be brought to the WhatsApp Settings menu, it will be possible to determine the photo quality to be used when sending photos. WhatsApp is currently trying to keep the resolution high when sending photos. Finest Quality”, but even if users use this setting, the application still compresses the photos, which means a brand new quality reduction.

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The reason for compressing photos is to shorten the transfer time and reduce the amount of data being transferred. However, if this new option becomes available, users will have the option to send the desired photo in its original resolution (and longer than usual) without deterioration.

This new feature, which is currently under development, will not be included in the next beta version of WhatsApp. Also, the feature was only discovered in the Android version, so it is not known whether it will come to the iOS version.