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New MacBook Pro disassembled

The new MacBook Pro, introduced recently, was disassembled by the iFixit team. Here are the details…

The newly released 2023 MacBook Pro model has been disassembled by the iFixit team. Testing the official Apple repair guides, the team made some observations about the M2 Pro and MacBook Pro series with M2 Max processors.

2023 MacBook Pro disassembled

Other than the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, the new MacBook Pro models are almost identical to their predecessors. But the really interesting thing about the latest iFixit smashing video is that the company checks if they are easy to understand by following the official repair guides provided by Apple.

The guides qualify as part of Apple’s self-repair program, which provides users with the necessary tools to repair their own devices. It is worth noting that the program covers the entire M1 Mac lineup, as well as the latest iPhone models.

The iFixit team used guides for the 2021 MacBook Pro, as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models have the same design as the previous generation. The team described Apple’s guide as “quite comprehensive and easy to implement.”