No power struggles expected this winter in Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Electricity Committee (ELCOM) announced that no electricity problems are expected in the country this winter.

Urs Meister, Director of ELCOM, told Swiss state television SRF that there is a high probability that they will survive this winter without suffering a torture.

Meister said, “The most valuable factor in not having a shortage of electricity was the high temperatures experienced this winter. Thus, less gas is consumed. Gas storage facilities in Europe are less depleted than in previous years.” said.

Saying that about three quarters of the reserves are full this winter, Meister also stated that Switzerland and Europe are not now out of a dangerous position in terms of power security.

On the other hand, heavy rains also fill the reservoirs in hydroelectric dams in Switzerland, contributing to local electricity generation.

The unusually mild autumn season in Switzerland this year is followed by a warm winter.

While the Swiss Alps experienced an unusually seasonal temperature, on January 1, “the highest January temperature of all time” was recorded in the north of the Alps with 20.9 degrees.

With the effect of climate change, it was observed that the temperatures were above the seasonal norms throughout Europe, especially in the first days of the year, and temperatures exceeding 20 degrees were experienced in some places.