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Number of actively used Apple devices hits new milestone

Apple announced the number of iPhone, iPad, Mac and other products in active use and announced that a new milestone has been reached with this number.

Apple has reached a new milestone in the number of active iPhone, iPad, Mac and other hardware artifacts. With 1.5 billion active devices announced at the beginning of 2020, This number has now reached 2 billion. . The company had 1.8 billion active devices just a year ago, thanks to record device sales in 2021 that avoided supply chain challenges from the pandemic.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, ” We reached a valuable milestone in the December quarter and are excited to report that we now have more than 2 billion active devices as part of our growing council base.” said.

Google finally made its statement in 2021. There are 3 billion active Android devices he had said. Google counts active Android devices as devices with access to the Google Play store; therefore, it can be estimated that the actual number is higher. It should also be noted that 2 years have passed since this announced number.