Nurses’ Light of Hope Burak Seçinti Speaks on BSHA Live Broadcast

26-year-old Nurse Burak Seçinti, who brought the problems of nurses to the word, joined the Instagram account of Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA), Journalist-Author

Nurse Burak Seçinti, 26, who brought the problems of nurses into words, joined the Instagram account of Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA) and answered the questions of Journalist-Author Erkan Doğan. Young Nurse Election was showered with questions in the live broadcast attended by many health workers. Journalist Erkan Doğan, who started the program by thanking all health workers, started the broadcast by saying to Heavy Care Nurse Burak Seçinti, “You give nurses a ray of hope”. Saying that he has been a civil servant for 3 years, Seçinti said that he is a union member and that his union is behind him all the way, that the difficulties faced by nurses in the field have become unbearable and that silence is not a cure-all.

The ‘yellow cloth’ analogy from the participants to the nurses

Seçinti repeated the definition of “nursing is the profession of those who are in the middle” and said, “I am not dramatizing, I am talking about the facts, they are persecuting us in the field. Is the nurse looking after the patient? Does the patient inform? Does the patient satisfy his relative? Today, we are questioning the profession we have chosen voluntarily. Sometimes we don’t understand what we’re doing on the field. And when we seek analysis, we are silenced. Unfortunately, nurses don’t have the so-called job description, we have to do everything, I’m sorry to say,” she said. A nurse who participated in the BSHA instagram live broadcast commented, “We are about yellow cloth, we are everywhere”. Many health workers thanked Seçinti in the comments on the live broadcast and asked questions.

“We cannot work patient-oriented”

“We leave the patient at such a time that we go to the pharmacy. Because they want the drugs to be signed by the nurse. Sometimes this takes 15-20 minutes. They say you are obliged to leave the patient and go to the pharmacy. They say that you will go to the warehouse and get your own material. You are the only app there. That’s why we work around the patient, not the patient-centered. Burak Seçinti said, “We are completing equipment and medicine, but we cannot complete the patient.” Of course, there is a system, but they talk about such a situation that there is pressure to make the system incomplete. They do not show humility in any form, even if it is not written, we receive a verbal warning. The lack of equipment and documents in the controls is again the responsibility of the nurses. We know before the check comes. Sometimes we wear gloves and sometimes masks. However, for some reason, only nurses are supervised in the field. Presumably, other employees are also supervised, but one-to-one inspections are carried out by nurses. No one is asking us for anything. It says you will. This is your duty, yes, if you don’t like it, the person who will work for you is trying a lot,” he said and talked about the problems in the field.

“Leave us alone”

Continuing his explanations by saying, “What do we want them to leave us alone”, Burak Seçinti said, “We want to look after patients, in fact, the sentence is completed here. We want to work patient oriented. Someone can request something from us. Sentences can be formed such as can you do it instead of do it. In our angel, women are more. ‘Do this. We’ve had enough of your missions. I didn’t come from above. I didn’t look up and comment on anything. That’s why I became a translator for those who experienced the same issues. While we ask for something from everyone, we also want someone to ask for something from us. If you don’t like it, we’re tired of saying you can go to another place. We want to work with a satisfied, pleasant patient focus, this is our grief,” he said.

“6 TL incentive payment is mocking”

Intensive care nurse Seçinti said, “I talked about the problem of incentive prices. There are nurses who receive an incentive payment of 6 lira. They make a fool of people. I’m on the highest promoted side of my field. I work in intensive care. Giving 6 lira to a friend who has spent 4 years in this profession is making fun of these people. We get a cut salary. There is money under the name of base salary, additional payment and incentive. We have been saying that we do not want this for 3 years, we want to work the only salary way. There is no system, this is actually a system,” he said.

“We have honorary resentments”

Seçinti emphasized that the prestige of nurses was taken away by the lack of mission definition in the field, and said, “I never separate health workers. However, since I am a nurse, I bring up the issues of my own profession here at the center because my own profession suffers a lot in the field. I will listen to everything my colleagues say. Assignment is a secondary school team contract, I will underline this. We want a fair life, it is my duty to tell all the grievances. I will participate in the program again on Monday and I will try to convey whatever came to me to Oğuzhan Uğur, and I will take my program word and try to make it happen. It’s a question of honor. Maybe I will have a salary to lose, but I will have very nice things to gain. We will tell you what resentment we have in these matters, my eyes are sharp and my eyes are black. We take comfort from everyone, everyone comforts us, brother, your job is very difficult, he says, may God help us. I get so much consolation that I say, what have I fallen into,” he said in the form.

“Explosion of 3 years of experience”

“My friend on my right is crying because we are everywhere. I go downstairs and encounter something else. Burak Seçinti continued his explanations by saying, “No one says how well my patient has gotten better because we carry a lot of burden” and continued as follows: “This courage is the accumulation of 3 years to go forward. We hear that there are too many nurses using antidepressants in emergency departments. It’s a matter of working conditions, not price. I’m from a private hospital, and the working rules there are terrible. This system leads people to use cigarettes, antidepressants or suicide. We have to take the throne ourselves, we need to be afraid in the field, we need to be a support for each other. All healthcare workers should be together. If the nurses win, everyone wins. If the one who wins the most in the field wins, there will be gains in other fields as well. Whatever we do, we will get our rights. We will also have a mission description. Friends working in the field, let’s not be greedy for everything, we are many. He ended his words by saying, “Very few always get rid of it.”

A flood of praise from healthcare professionals to Seçinti

In the live broadcast, in which many participants took part, many health workers, especially nurses, received commendations for Seçinti, such as “You are a hero, the ruler of nurses, thank you for being our voice”. Health workers commented on the BSHA live broadcast, “We experience burnout at a very early age. Every day we go to the house crying. Nurses don’t want to be everywhere. We do not feel valued. If the nurse laughs, the patient laughs too. No one is our employer”. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)