Nutrition Engineer Stylish: “Lead Exposure Puts Child Health in Danger”

Nutrition Engineer, Academician Bülent Şık featured on the Live TV show Yeni Bir Sabah, where İsmail Küçükkaya was the guest of “lead pollution is a child

Food Engineer, Academician Bülent Şık made valuable statements on ‘the effect of lead pollution on children’s health’ in the Yeni Bir Sabah program, where İsmail Küçükkaya was the guest of the Live TV broadcast.

Reiterating the knowledge that lead is a very toxic chemical element, which the World Health Organization has pointed out to be the first among the most dangerous toxic and toxic issues, Nutrition Engineer Bülent Şık said, “With the widespread use of leaded fuel in the automotive industry in the last 100 years, especially since the 1920s It is known as a toxic issue that is very critical but also affects children’s health deeply. It is a clear finding that lead, which causes air pollution, enters food, soil, water directly into our body through the use of leaded fuel. However, after the 1990s, many countries gradually banned the use of leaded fuel. This is appropriate. There appears to be a drop in blood lead levels in societies after prohibition. However, studies indicate that lead exposure is a very big problem, especially in children.

“WHO Announces Lead as the Most Dangerous Issue Affecting Child Health”

Lead is one of the number one toxic toxic issues that harm the development of the border system in children,” Şık continued, adding, “It is a chemical that the World Health Organization calls ‘this is the most critical toxic issue for children’s health’. So where does it get it? Water is a precious resource, but water; In cases where the soil and the environment are polluted and that pollution is reflected in the waters, water pollution is a word of mouth. In Turkey, the Ergene basin of the Thrace region is a remarkable point in terms of lead pollution. One of the pollutants there is lead,” he said.

“Lead Paints Are Poisonous”

Food Engineer Bülent Şık said, “In addition to this information, another valuable bet is lead dyes. Leaded paints are still used in our country. It is a pigment that provides quick drying in lead paints and gives color at the same time. In time, lead separates from the structure of the paint and mixes into the air. It collapses to the ground as dust. Young children are exposed to this because they spend a lot of time on the floor. It is found in cosmetic works, toys and plastic works. Air pollution is again a valuable source of exposure. Industrial emissions lead to various emissions and lead contaminated soils. It causes this in places where industrial wastes are heavily thrown and accumulated.

“The Bullet Damages the Border System Most in Children”

Pointing out that lead is dangerous for everyone, Bülent Şık said: “Calcium is a very valuable nutritional element in the human body. The structure of lead is also very similar to calcium. When it enters our body, from food, air, water, to our body, the body mistook the lead for calcium, and it is absorbed in the intestines. Where is it going? It affects the border system a lot in children. It causes serious problems in bones and kidneys. So why are children more sensitive than adults? Aren’t children little adults? About 10 percent of the lead that comes to adults is absorbed in the intestines. Most of it is excreted in feces. In children, the amount absorbed is 4-5 times higher than in adults. Especially children under the age of 6 are affected by lead 4-5 times more than an adult. It causes severe weakness in neurological development in the development of the border system in children. If lead does not prevent vulnerability, it could lead to dire consequences.”

“Many Toxic Matters Entering Turkey Since 2016”

Food Engineer Bülent Şık stated that plastic elements have been imported in Turkey since 2016 and said: “600-700 thousand tons of plastic items enter our country. And only 10 percent of that is recycled. The remaining plastic items are incinerated. The lead element mixes with the air and passes into the soil and water. From here it passes to five. First of all, the entry of hazardous wastes into our country should be prevented. (BILIM SAHHAT NEWS AGENCY)