Overseas PPI increased by 50 percent annually in December

According to TUIK data, the foreign producer price index (YD-PPI) increased by 49.90 percent annually and 2.77 percent monthly. Overseas PPI manufacturing increased by 49.95 percent annually, while the monthly increase was recorded as 2.79 percent.

TURKSTAT published the data on ‘Foreign Producer Price Index, December 2022’.

Accordingly, overseas PPI in December 2022 is 2.77 percent compared to the previous month, 49.90 percent compared to December of the previous year, 49.90 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and 97.45 percent compared to the twelve-month averages. It increased.

Annual increase in manufacturing 49.95 percent

Annual changes of the two parts of the industry; 47.40 percent increase in mining and quarrying, 49.95 percent increase in manufacturing.

Annual changes of the main industry clusters; an increase of 51.95 percent in medium goods, 49.42 percent in durable consumer goods, 47.08 percent in non-durable goods, 83.46 percent in power and 46.54 percent in capital goods.

Monthly changes of the two parts of the industry; an increase of 1.74 percent in mining and quarrying and an increase of 2.79 percent in manufacturing.

Monthly changes of main industry clusters; 2.05 percent increase in medium goods, 4.03 percent increase in strong consumer goods, 2.89 percent increase in non-durable consumer goods, 3.32 percent decrease in power, 4.19 percent increase in capital goods.

13 lower segments showed higher variation

Among the YD-PPI branches, metal ores with 28.56 percent, clothing items with 35.47 percent, and other transportation vehicles with 37.95 percent were the sub-sections where the indices increased the least. On the other hand, coke and refined petroleum artifacts with 83.46 percent, other non-metallic mineral artifacts with 74.59 percent, wood and cork artifacts (excluding furniture) with 69.21 percent were the sub-sections where the indexes increased the most.