Pegasus Manager Opens Its Doors to Blockchain Projects

Pegasus Airlines Deputy General Manager of Information Technologies Barış Fındık stated that they are always open to blockchain technology.

Pegasus AirlinesInformation Technologies Deputy General Manager Peace Hazelnut, blockchainHe stated that they are always open to technology.

Blockchain technology continues to envelop and facilitate the global world. The sector and platform that popular technology has not entered has become almost non-existent. Although there is no full adoption yet, the spread of blockchain technology continues unabated. About this topic Pegasus AirlinesInformation Technologies Deputy General Manager Peace Hazelnut, Cointelegraph made special statements to Turkey.

Pegasus Manager Makes Clarifications About Blockchain

Blockchain technology, which has become widespread, has also been actively used in airline companies. Airports Council International, in a report published last year More than 2,600 airports in over 180 countries declared that. In this context Markets and Marketsthe use of blockchain in airline companies $1.4 million in 2025predicted it would.

Pegasus AirlinesInformation Technologies Deputy General Manager Peace HazelnutHe stated that the sharing of information between airports and airlines is very important. Hazelnut, pointed out that the information about the landing time of the planes, where they will stop, where the passenger luggage will be given, which door the plane will use to take off, and how long it will be if there will be a delay, should be shared instantly and accurately.

Pegasus AirlinesInformation Technologies Deputy General Manager Peace Hazelnut

Pegasus Airlines prefers blockchain technology in company operations and sharing company data. Company, 6 years ago Sabiha Gokcen International Airportbuilt its systems on this new technology.

Hazelnut believes that every airline included in the blockchain ring can share data with the airport operator in a coordinated and easy way. speaking on the subject Hazelnut, said:

“Company; airline schedule, changing information about flights instantly; The airline operator, on the other hand, shares information such as the gate, parking position, and from which carousel the luggage of the landing plane will be taken. This information is then shared with the internal systems and, if necessary, with the passengers. As a result, both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction increase.”

Pegasus Executive Takes Warmth to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology also needs investments, as it is a technology that is just developing and is beginning to be adopted. Peace from Pegasus Hazelnut , underlined that they consider it valuable to invest in every technology that makes sense when the benefit and cost are compared. Moreover Hazelnuthas also opened its doors to all kinds of blockchain projects that will benefit in the future.

Moreover Hazelnutbelieves that airlines’ flight and ticket data can be integrated with blockchain technology in the future.

Blockchain technology has the potential to facilitate identity verification and digital travel systems in aviation. This technology can also contribute to a more reliable structure of flight log data. Data tracking is of great importance to prevent plane crashes or disappearances. At this point, blockchain technology will contribute to the collection and safe storage of all data belonging to an aircraft.

Blockchain Usage Examples

blockchain technology, Pegasus It has also entered the radar of other airline companies. Companies that want to improve working conditions and take on a more efficient structure spend a lot of time on blockchain research.

Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Etiah Airways, LuftansLike airline companies, they have opened their doors to blockchain.