Pension reform reverse strikes in France could affect nuclear power generation

It was stated that strikes against reform aimed at raising the retirement age to 64 in France could affect nuclear power production.

According to the French press, CGT Mining and Power Syndicate (FNME-CGT) Secretary General Sebastien Menesplier stated that they will try to persuade the elected politicians who support the pension reforms, “We will talk to them and then, if they do not understand the business world, we will target them with (electricity) cuts.” he used his word.

“If there are strikes, the (nuclear) reactors will not be put into operation again. If the reactors are not put back into operation, there may be a presumed lack of (energy) generation capacity,” Menesplier said. He said that they took full responsibility.

FNME-CGT union called for a strike with the prestige of January 19th.

Pension reform in France

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the content of the pension reform, which took place amid President Emmanuel Macron’s election promises on January 10.

Stating that in the country where the retirement age is 62, the legal retirement age will be gradually increased by 3 months every year and will be increased to 64 in 2030.

Following the announcement, the unions announced a strike and protest against the pension reform on January 19th.