Physician: “Our Colleagues at DEU are not alone”

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Medical Faculty Dean’s Office makes it compulsory for all lecturers to take care of at least 5 patients in addition to their working hours.

Discussions on the practice of the Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Medicine making it obligatory to care for at least 5 patients in addition to their working hours are continuing. Published by Bilim ve Sıhhat News Agency, Prof. Dr. While Mustafa Cenk Ecevit’s statements were resounding, a reinforcement for the doctors came from HEKİMSEN.

Physicians on duty at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) made an open invitation to the Ministry of Health, YÖK and University administrators. Hekimsen published a press release on the official website for the invitations of physicians and invited the DEU Faculty of Medicine to initiate the necessary processes regarding the delays in base payment and incentive payments and payment measures. Hekimsen said, “Our colleagues at DEU are not alone.” In his statement, Hekimsen said that the Ministry of Health plans to make base payments to university hospitals as of August 2022, and that the planned base payment to DEU Physicians was paid on indefinite dates and late. The statement included the following sentences: “August-September payments were paid in October, and October, November and December payments were paid 2-3 days late. We have never been informed of a clear payment date by the institution. Finally, the base payment, which was planned to be paid on January 15, has still not been paid as of January 27. And there is no explanation as to when it will be paid. Although the source of all these delays is unknown, payments were made on time in other institutions in our province. In addition, our university is the institution that makes the lowest incentive payment (800-1000 TL) among the institutions in the province. Watch, base and incentive payments are also delayed every month. In addition, there is a difference in base and incentive payments in the middle of SBA and YÖK teams in our university. Due to the next permit, the cut price of the shift due to the initiative of the institution, the low incentive payment and their late going to bed make us suffer. In addition, our grievances increase due to uncertain payment dates. The base payment, which is still not paid this month and is not clear when it will be deposited, also worries us and increases our financial loss.”


“Let the Injustice Be Corrected”

DEU physicians stated that they demanded that the injustice in incentive payments be eliminated and that the timely payments made in other institutions be arranged at Dokuz Eylül University and implemented as soon as possible. Saying, “We want to receive our payments on time,” the doctors emphasized, “We are waiting for an official statement from YÖK, Ministry of Health and İzmir Dokuz Eylül University.” In the press release of Hekimsen, the payment dates of the base payments were shared with the public with the signature of Dokuz Eylül Doctors: “The base payment due on 15 September was paid on 24 October. The base payment due on 15 October was paid on 2 November. The base, which was supposed to lie on November 15, went to bed on November 18. The base, which was supposed to lie on December 15, went to bed on December 16. The floor that was supposed to lie on January 15th has not been laid as of January 26” (BSHA – Bilim ve Sıhhat News Agency)