PlayStation Plus gives away games worth 1,000 TL for free!

The games that PlayStation Plus will give for free in February have been announced. There is also a production from the Mafia series on the list.

The subscription service PlayStation Plus library, which allows players to access online games, modes and special content, continues to distribute free games. Finally, the platform gives free productions worth 1.002 TL to its subscribers in February.

PlayStation Plus gives 4 games for free!

PlayStation Plus announced the free games of February with a blog post on its official website. Among the productions in the shared list, published by 2K Games and available on the PS Store. 259 TLthe one which… Mafia: The Definitive Editionthere is also.

Second on the list is on the PS Store. 109 TLthe one which… Destiny 2: Beyond Light exists. Available to both PS 4 and PS 5 users. On the other hand, the game was nominated for the BAFTA Game Award in the Growing Game of 2021.

The games that will be given to PlayStation Plus subscribers in February are listed as follows;

  • Evil Dead: The Game (PS 4, PS 5)
  • OlliOlli World (PS 4, PS 5)
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PS 4, PS 5)
  • Mafia: The Definitive Edition (PS 4)

Games in the list above, February 7with March 6between the dates PlayStation Plus Essential, Extraand Premiumwill be made available to subscribers.

In addition to these, it is worth noting that you can still add January’s games to your library until February 6th. The games released in January are Back 4 Blood, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Life is Strange, Jett: The Far Shore, Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Omno, Erica, Siphon Filter 3 was Star Wars Demolition and Hot Shots Golf 2.

PlayStation Plus subscription plans

deluxe Extra essential
1 month subscription 70.00 TL 60.00 TL 40.00 TL
3-month subscription 190.00 TL 165.00 TL 100.00 TL
12 month subscription 460.00 TL 400.00 TL 240.00 TL
Featured privileges classics catalogue,
game trials
game catalogue,
Ubisoft+ classics
monthly games,
online multiplayer,
special discounts

So what do you think about the free games that PlayStation Plus will give in February? What do you think? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.