Popular Analysts Share Forecasts About Bitcoin and 5 Altcoins

The cryptocurrency market continues to rise.

The cryptocurrency market continues to rise. The altcoin market is also reacting strongly to this rise.

Bitcoin May Experience Correction

Experienced analyst Michael van de Poppe stated that there may be fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin before the US Gross Domestic Product data to be announced today at 16:30. The famous analyst emphasized that the correction for Bitcoin would be healthy in the video he shared on his social media account. Poppe claimed that the rise could continue after this correction. The experienced analyst used exactly the following statements: “Bitcoin price is hovering above $ 23 thousand. The data to be announced today will bring a healthy correction in the market. I do not believe that BTC will experience a violent depreciation again.” Poppe also stated that the $22,315 level would be a support zone.

Ethereum Might Survive the Rally

Popular analyst Altcoin Sherpa, which has close to 200,000 followers on Twitter, announced the 5 altcoins in its basket and stated that it expects a 30 percent rally. Sherpa, in his statements on Twitter, stated that Ethereum is testing an important support level of around $ 1,500 and a 30% rally may be on the way. Commenting on XRP, the analyst said that the payment-oriented XRP has been consolidated for a long time and underperformed the rest of the market, Sherpa suggested that the asset looks good right now. The analyst has set upside price targets at $0.50 with resistance at $0.44. Commenting on XRP, Sherpa said: “Old altcoins like XRP can start moving randomly.” used the phrases.

Aptos Targets $23.70,

Commenting on Aptos and Lido, Sherpa stated that there may still be a way for Aptos, which has increased by over 100% in the last seven days. The experienced analyst, who made predictions using Fibonacci extensions, underlined that Aptos can go up to $ 23.70 in the short term. Commenting on Lido, Sherpa stated that Lido, which provides staking services for Ethereum, is nearing the end of its rally and a correction may be at the door.

Solana’s Rise Will Continue

Another popular analyst, Chris Burniske, shared his views on Solana. Burniske, a former Ark Invest analyst, claimed that rumors that Solana will be shaken by the impact of negative news are untrue. According to Burniske, SOL price will continue to rise in the medium term. However, the experienced analyst states that the rally will stop at some point and a sharp decline may come with the effect of leveraged transactions and warned investors.